Was cruising Coles, catalogue in hand when I came to a screeching halt – before me, a thing of wonder…

Sitting there innocently on a full page spread, was an ad for gluten free weetbix! Yes, wheaty breakfast biscuits without wheat!

All semblance of normal shopping behaviour ceased, and I hot-footed it over to the health food aisle, secure in the knowledge that there wouldn’t be any there, coz this Coles never has anything in stock that it has bothered to advertise!

I was right. No weetbix with the gluten free foods. Just across the aisle in the cereal section however…

photo (2)

Growing up, my parents almost always bought Wheaties. And they make me gag.  Just like my mother’s pea and ham soup does to this day.

Weetbix however, with hot milk and crunchy sugar, well I can take that!

These gluten free ones are just like the original in taste, texture and everything else. However, since I haven’t eaten wheat on a regular basis for over ten years, I could be a little wrong…

Also, on their website, Sanitarium is teasing me by saying they are releasing another new product on September 1. Please don’t be Wheaties, Please don’t be Wheaties, Pleeeeeeeeeeease don’t  be Wheaties!