So recently I went to Sopranos Restaurant in South Perth.


That hit reference? Well I’m afraid there might be a contract out on me when I tell you that I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the place…


I perused the menu online beforehand, only to find out when I got there, that the menu has changed, and my much anticipated four cheese risotto was no longer available (swimming with the fishes?)


So, failing that I tried to opt for a pasta dish as the menu stated that there were gluten free options available. After much to-ing and fro-ing it became clear that the GF pasta had also gone missing… I blame the light fingered Pauly Walnuts myself!


Well, garlic prawns and rice it was. It was okay. Towards the end of the meal I added salt which perked up the creamy sauce quite a bit – it needed it!


Whilst there, the preparation of cocktails and bringing of meals was disorganised. We waited ages and asked thrice for our cocktails. The wait staff served a table nearby, giving a bottle of beer to the female and a glass of red wine to the male – really!? I know it’s cliche and stereotyping, but how many times would the woman be sucking down the hops whilst the man sups the grape?


Then as we were leaving and paying, the guy at the counter was trying to talk up the place – gave us his card and a menu, mentioned Christmas functions, chatted pleasantly… Too late buddy!