So recently I had to go overseas (yeah, I know, boohoo!).

I got so sick of the lack of gluten free options at train stations, airports and hotels!

In London, I shopped at Tesco, buying pre-cooked hot items from the deli – chicken wings, sausages, roasted potatoes, and some yummy dessert type things – there were fresh raspberries, milky way mousse, and a few cocktails.  I’m so daggy, I love Malibu rum :-}

In my other stop, I got the following:


I used the plastic cups to fill up with chopped salad and the basil mayo which was yummy, must find some here! The chips added some awesome crunch to the salad.

For dessert I had some beautiful yogurt which I stirred the compote into.

I ate the meats and pate for breakfast.


If you correctly guess which country I was in, you will get to choose from a couple of gluten free cookbooks I have languishing in my collection!