Day two of the Macro packet mix trial, and a little more success!


The instructions and method are simple, the results acceptable.

Seeing the writing on the wall, I tried a smaller than recommended size to drop into the hot oil. It came up golden quite quickly and rather than wait the suggested 1.5 minutes, I fished it out when the gold was just right.  A quick dip in the included cinnamon and sugar mix would cover a multitude of sins, but actually it was pretty good.  The texture right in the middle was a little moist and foamy, but was lovely and cakey around the edges.

I also made the recommended size (dessertspoon) which came up well on the inside, but only because it got very well browned on the outside.  The texture was near perfect, though a hint of moisture near the centre could be seen, but the burnt flavour was not cute!

If you are going to make donuts, the recipe on the Sunbeam Australia website is a pretty awesome one. I made mine in my mini donut maker (much safer than a vat of boiling oil!) and loved them.  They are definitely best eaten fresh though.