Yep, another musical reference, but more house than metal this time. 

Moving on to the sugary delights…

Have you ever been to Cafe in the Hyatt?  If you have, you will recall that finally a restaurant has got it right and put dessert as the star of the show! Right at the entrance is the desert station – you can check out the picture on their gallery page. No simple, flimsy cake fridge here, this is a four sided oasis in the desert with so many options you may not get through them all (unless you come with me and try to keep up with my pace).

Not only are there heaps of options, they are kept company by the pastry chef who made them.  This means you can ask all about the ingredients to make sure you don’t accidentally eat something you aren’t supposed to.

Unfortunately the Sticky Date Pudding is not gluten free, which only makes it compulsory for my darlingheart to order and eat with great satisfaction whilst I stare daggers at him!

Oh yeah, and if you live by that silly little custom of eating dinner before dessert, there are plenty of gluten free options there too.

99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth – not actually a cafe, and nor are the prices cafe like.