Sorry to go a little bogan-girl with the Guns N’ Roses reference there, but I haven’t been to my favourite pizza joint in a very long time and I’m getting delirious!

Just to qualify, my all time favourite pizza  (the “Original”, simple and simply awesome) was had in a city called Halifax in Canada, and on recent overnighter there I was deathly devo that they closed moments before I arrived at their door and weren’t opening again until a few hours after I left!

My local/gluten free fave is no slouch however, and they are expanding again!  Upon visiting their website (under construction) this morning, I was delighted to find a third Little Caesars Pizzeria outlet is in the works, and I no longer need to take the long drive up the hill to Mundaring, the home of their first store.

The gluten free bases are crisp and a little crumbly and (as I believe all pizza bases should be) nice and thin.  This allows the ingredients to shine, not that they need any help to do so… The toppings are gourmet with things like veal, goats cheese and chocolate! Yes – dessert pizza, and most of those are gluten free too!

Next time you tune in, a special occasion buffet with multiple sinful gluten free dessert options…