Oh my, gluten free pies!

Not so stymied anymore, just a little silly!

The reason I couldn’t find those pies in Coles is coz they’re a Woolworths product!

Anyhow, I picked up some, and here’s the verdict – Yum!

The apricot pies were okay, but the berry ones were even better. They lurk in the bread section of Woolies, waiting to seduce you…


Stymied by Pies, and a story about custard.

Upon seeing the new flavours of fruit mince pies in the supermarket, I decided to resist temptation and hold off on buying them.

Then I went shopping on Sunday, and I decided to buy binge on some.

This is where the stymie comes in… There weren’t any!

However, there was something else that I have been trying to hunt down for months!

I finally found the Liddells gluten free custard. Liddells is primarily a lactose free company, but having seen their custard whilst hanging around on their website, I had to try it! So I had seen it in the Coles catalogue months ago, and have been desperately seeking it ever since, to no avail. I looked in the dairy fridge, the UHT milk section, the health food section and the desserts section of about half a dozen different Coles stores. I was told that I would need to make several requests at my preferred Coles before they would consider getting it in.

Finally, during the very hot Sunday we just had, I was pleased as punch to finally be able to buy some!

It was really quite worth the wait and the hunt! After chilling it for a while, I had a taste. It is sweet, smooth, and tastes just like custard. As a shelf stable item, I would happily buy a few cartons.

Here it is, nestled in my fridge with all my other Liddells products – I am currently lactose free as well.custard

You can find it at Coles Carousel, in the desserts/jelly/icecream toppings area. It is a prepared custard, not a powder, and is in a one litre UHT container.

I’m thinking of having the last of it with some lemon sago pudding I am off to make.

{Update: I also found the custard at Coles in Cockburn, on special for $3, down from $3.99}

{Update 2: Found the custard reduced to clear for $2 at the Coles in Balwyn North in Melbourne. If only I had room in my luggage I would’ve bought the whole dozen home on the plane with me!}