Rigorous testing was involved, but I have come to some conclusions:

  • What used to be Jon-Jon’s gluten free fruit mince pies and are now sold in plain clothes at coles and woolies are at least as awesome as the last two times I wrote about them.
  • Fruit mince pies are at least as awesomely good warned up as they are at room temperature, and in ascending order of yumness, they are also good with custard, cream, and butterscotch flavoured cream (bliss!!)
  • It is criminal that Christmas comes but once a year.

Looking forward to Christmas in Melbourne, so will hopefully be visiting (and reviewing) a few GF joints – please Santa, don’t let them close over Christmas…

Gluten free haul

Had rather a glut of gluten free food in the house over a recent weekend.  A house guest who is also gluten free was celebrating his 40th Birthday so we had a picnic, some birthday cakes (! two !) and a very excited visit to the Gluten Free expo…  Prepare to pile on the kilos!

From the Gluten Free Food Expo:

gluten free festival haul

Cakes from Alternative Bites – Above: Chocolate Cheesecake    Below: Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Cheesecake

chocolate mousse cake





Thank you, Peru.

I saw a new episode of Food Safari on SBS. The minute I saw these I knew I would make them.

Sent the hubby out for ingredients, and got moving straight away!  They are a classic Peruvian favourite.





The bottom is kind of a cross between a custard and a caramel. The top is a port flavoured meringue. I think it would be awesome with Baileys instead of port, but may also try it one day with mulberry or pomegranate molasses.

They are called Sigh of a Woman, and you can find the recipe here.

They were a hit with the adults at the party I took them to, but in a My Kitchen Rules parody, the kids there gave it a thumbs down.  All the more for me!!!!


Good Morning Sweetie!

Just a few gluten free products I found when wandering supermarket aisles:




Norganics cornflakes - Much thicker and more substantial than the regular brands, ie, not as light and crunchy!


Freedom oats - These are quick oats. ANZAC Day is coming up, look out for a gluten free ANZAC bikkie recipe!


Banana Drink Mix – A lot like Nestle Quik, but more chrystal than powder. Very similar flavour!



What? Gluten Free Cinnamon Scrolls!

Yum – ’tis true – and they were light and fluffy and tasty and everything!

I got a pack of Chebe cinnamon roll mix in my first ever order from Vitacost, and finally got around to making them a few weekends ago…

For your viewing pleasure:


Cinnamon Scrolls


I raided the suggestions on the website and added some baking powder then let the mix sit for a bit before baking. Magic happened!  I had every intention of making a little icing to drizzle on, but I just couldn’t stop myself from eating them all…