Pimp my buns!

So I bought some gluten free hot cross buns… and they needed a little help in the flavour department.

Here’s what I did:

1. Melt butter in a bowl

2. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon in a separate bowl

3. Cut open bun and dip each half in each bowl

4. Waffleize

Yes, I did them in my waffle iron!

photo (1)

What a massive difference! Along with a home made chai it was a vast improvement!

Supermarket Gluten Free foods


Just a quick note to let you know of some supermarkets making a mark with their gluten free food selections.


When I want to browse a wide selection, I like the Coles at Carousel and the Woolies at Bentley.


The IGA at Belmont is also pretty great – it is the IGA in the lesser mall over near the Reading Cinema, not the one in the main mall.




Also the IGA’s at Winthrop Gardens (along with Alternative Bites – see my previous post here)  and at 320 Cambridge Street in Wembley are pretty well stocked.


Looking for some unusual gluten free flours?

So here is how the story starts….


Hubby: What shall I bake you for your birthday?

SillyMe: I’ll send you some links!


Realisation on my birthday: Big Mistake!!  Yes, I sent links – plural. So I got cakes, plural…


Here are the links:





http://www.thecookierookie.com/cheesecake/   (Just use a gluten free biscuit in the base)




So, if you can be bothered to read through the mountain of ingredients, you will see that there are some unusual flours in there. And they aren’t so easy to find! Cue multiple trips to many malls, specialty shops, health food stores and ethnic food emporiums.  My extensive and exhausting research led me to the conclusion that the best and cheapest sources of these single flour types (ie, not the Bob’s Red Mill type mixes) is most definitely the ethnic food places.

Firstly, try Indian food shops, which are everywhere in Perth now. Also, there is an African etc food shop called Victoria Park Continental Food, and a Korean food shop called Seoul Mart at Centro Victoria Park mall which will likely cover most of your alternative gluten free flour needs.

The Bobs Red Mill garbanzo-and-fava bean flour I found at the Health Life store at Garden City, Booragoon.

Most of the rest were found at the ever fabulous Loose Produce in Como.


Thankfully friends with big families were visiting, so I had a great crew of hungry mouths to help me with the tasty task of dispensing with all those carbs!


Without doubt the highest praise from all concerned was for the pumpkin cupcakes – they were tasty and moist and creamy.  But special mention is due for the coconut layer cake which was the lightest and fluffiest gluten free cake I have ever had the pleasure of eating (and I’ve eaten a few!)



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